Hit-and-run driver stopped by white van man

The moment a white van man stopped a motorist fleeing from the scene of a crash has been caught on camera.

The incident was captured on a camera mounted to a biker's helmet and begins as the rider pulls alongside a blue Nissan Micra at the entrance to a roundabout.
The biker is in the left lane to go straight on. However, the Micra in the right lane decides to turn left and crosses the path of the motorcycle.

The two make contact but as the biker goes to pull over, the Micra carries on down the road. As the motorcyclist follows down the road he gestures to the driver to pull over.

As they approach the next roundabout, a white Volkswagen Transporter overtakes them both and stops in front of the blue hatchback. The driver gets out and tells the Micra's driver he can't leave the scene after hitting someone, at which point he says he didn't know he'd hit him.

The YouTube user who recorded the video claims the police didn't bring charges against the Micra driver.

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