Don't miss Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell

A playground for those who inflict punishment, the WWE Hell in a Cell is a demonic steel structure that shortens careers and settles rivalries.

Don't miss Raw Superstars, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Roman Reigns and more as they enter sports entertainment's most punishing prison.

The fight takes place at midnight on Sunday 30th October and will be available via pay per view on the Sky Sports Box Office (channel 416) through your TalkTalk Box from 27th October. Find out more with our helpful FAQs below.

Please note: You don't need to subscribe to Sky Sports to buy the fight. Channel 416 will become accessible from 27th October. If you try to view it before this point you'll see the message "no channel" as it won't yet be available.

How do I pay to watch the fight?

Simply visit the Sky Sports Box Office on channel 416 in the Guide from 27th October. You'll be prompted to enter your TalkTalk PIN to accept the pay per view charge of £14.95 and once payment has processed you'll be able to access the channel. There's no need to have the Sky Sports Boost as this is a pay per view event.

This charge will then appear on your TalkTalk bill in the rentals section - but please allow a few weeks for it to appear there.

The wrestling starts at midnight on Sunday 30th October and is repeated every four house from 10am on Monday 31st October 31 until 10pm on Thursday 3rd November.
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