You can now order pizza through your very own temporary tattoo

Friday night take-out just got that little bit easier, thanks to the new Pizza Hut tattoo!

Yes it is as crazy as it sounds, a tattoo that lets you order pizza to your door by scanning your phone against your arm.

Okay, so it's not as cool as a real tattoo and it is reminiscent of the good old "lick-and-stick" tattoos from the 90s but, it does arrive pre-programmed with your pizza of choice.

Once you have your tattoo, all you need to do is touch your phone to it and - using tech wizardry including Near Field Communication and a QR code - the app on your phone will appear with the order ready to go.

(Maariyah Pathan/PA)
(Maariyah Pathan/PA)

So no worrying about toppings and extras, all you have to worry about is hitting confirm on the delivery page.

Your favourite pizza at your door with just one scan and one click.

Pizzahut tattoo
(Maariyah Pathan/PA)

Sadly, only 40 of the stickers will be available. If you want one, details on how to win one will be on Pizza Hut's Facebook page.

Okay fine, even we admit that it is a little unnecessary - but for those who want fuss free pizza on the double, it is genuinely exciting ... Right?

Now they just need to figure out how to make real tattoos do this...

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