Hairless hamster gets tiny jumper to help her survive winter

Roshina Jowaheer

A tiny hairless hamster has been given a cute jumper to help keep her warm during the winter months.

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Silky arrived at the Oregon Humane Society when her family found they had to move and could not continue to care for her. They brought her to OHS, where she is now receiving care from staff and volunteers, who fell in love with the sweet little hamster.

The one-year-old was hairless at birth and has short, curly whiskers on her snout.

"Silky is hairless due to a genetic mutation," said Diana Gabaldon at OHS.

"While she isn't fluffy like a normal hamster, she is just as cuddly and playful as any other hamster. She does need to be kept in a heated environment, especially during the winter, and have a higher protein diet to keep her warm."

When OHS Animal Care Technician Selene Mejia saw Silky huddled in the corner of her cage, she felt bad for the little hamster and decided she had to do something about it.

She crocheted a tiny sweater for Silky, sized just right to help her stay cosy.

For now, the hamster spends the majority of her time 'au naturale' in a warm, clean home with fresh bedding, food and water, and a wheel to run on. She only wears the sweater for special occasions.