Nobody is even ashamed of loving Honey G anymore

London Celebrity Sightings -  October 16, 2016

Was that... was that actually a bit good?

Despite facing a lot of celebrity hatin' over the last week, rapper Honey G has brushed it all off and returned to X Factor with her own twist on Vanilla Ice's Ice, Ice Baby.

It wasn't exactly what you might call a "diva" performance, but with the catchy tune and an awesome group of dancers, it was still pretty enjoyable.

And some people knew it was going to be good before she even started... matter what she decided to sing.

The awful and unlikely catchphrases are ridiculous, but who doesn't love a giggle on a Saturday night?

Or a cheeky dance in front of the telly...

Some even thought it was ACTUALLY pretty, just, good!

But calm down, guys, let's give everyone else a chance too...

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