Mum claims cafe told parents to take kids throwing tantrums outside

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Cup of cappuccino

A cafe in Derbyshire has been criticised after a mum claimed she was asked to take her children outside when they threw a tantrum.

Kate Raine says the Tyme Coffee Lounge in Glossop left her feeling "embarrassed" after the cafe posted a comment on Facebook about children throwing tantrums, which she believes was aimed at her.

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According to the Derby Telegraph, the post, which has now been deleted, read: "We would like to make a comment about the behaviour of some small children today. We appreciate that mums come along and bring their children, we do ask that the mothers respect the other clients in the coffee lounge and when their children are screeching and screaming and having tantrums, we would ask the mothers of these children to take them outside till they can behave.

"There are other clients who come for a peaceful relaxing time over tea/coffee and probably a light snack. They do not want to listen to unruly screaming children whose parents cannot keep them under control.

"We send our apologies to those customers who came to Tyme Lounge this morning and had to put up with the screeching and screaming of the children."

Angry mums took to a Facebook page for parents, with Kate writing: "If it was really such a problem a polite word would have been appreciated, instead of making not so subtle comments to your staff about how terrible screeching children are, some horrible looks and then posting this."

Another mum responded: "It really has angered me, we should be supporting each other through the (bad) times and celebrating the good times - not this shaming and blaming."

But many social media users took to the site to defend the cafe.

Jim Westwall wrote: "I fully agree that parents should consider other people in these situations. My family always took their screaming toddlers outside and never needed to be asked. This woman was completely ignorant and inconsiderate of anyone else. Shame this has blown up out of proportion and ended up in the nationals."

Chris Clarke said: "I agree that parents should consider other people and take their child out until it calms down. Too often we have to suffer this and it's totally selfish and rude of the equally unruly parent!"

Meanwhile, Lisa Edwards wrote: "I shall be making the effort to visit you. I am a mother and work with children. Parents should consider others, it might take some effort but instilling basic manners starts early. I support your ideals but wish you had spoken to those concerned rather than used social media but hey, hopefully everyone learned something here."

Tyme Coffee Lounge later apologised for the post and said the member of staff who wrote the post had been "relieved of their duties".

It added: "Tyme director Shaun would like to apologise for the comments made by a member of the Tyme crew. This person has now been relieved of their duties. The comments do not reflect the company's view. It is the policy of Tyme to welcome all parents and children. The owner is a family man and also has children."

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