Motorist pictured with huge planks of wood sticking out of car window

Roshina Jowaheer

A driver in Australia was snapped carrying a load of dangerously long planks of wood sticking out of their car as they made their way through a road with oncoming traffic.

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More than ten planks of wood can be seen hanging from the window as an oncoming car sticks to the far left side of the road to avoid being hit.

The New South Wales Police Force shared the photo on Facebook and wrote: "This driver is taking 'planking' to another level! #loadfail"

Facebook users responded to the bizarre picture, with one writing: "He has his hazard flasher exemption on though hahaha".

Another joked: "Very unbalanced should have a few hanging out of the other side".

In 2014, a holidaymaker in New Zealand stunned police officers who caught him driving with a kayak positioned cross-ways on the roof of his car.

The tourist was stopped on State Highway 25A between Kopu and Hikuai.

According to, Inspector Freda Grace said: "Regardless that this is a busy, winding rural road already subject to busier-than-usual traffic flows over the summer, the driver was unrepentant.

"[He told] the officer that stopped him that if he secured the kayak long-ways as he is supposed to it would cause damage to the roof of his car."