Top Gear journalist has press car stolen from his driveway

The associate editor of Top Gear magazine had a car stolen from his driveway yesterday.

Tom Ford tweeted about the incident, saying: "All you journos with test cars that follow me - seems like I've been targeted. And there's a window out of my house... nothing else nicked."
He explained that the thieves broke into his house in Stamford, Lincolnshire at about 4am by cracking the wood surrounds of the window to his office. Once inside they searched for the keys to the Seat Leon Cupra 290 – registration number KU16 YWZ – he had in on test and escaped the same way they came in.

Ford also said he believes he was targeted because the thieves didn't take anything other than the car keys, speculating that the car might have interested them because it's a performance version with 'sellable' parts.

Following the incident, a Crime Scene Investigation team searched his home for clues. Ford later tweeted photos of a footprint and other marks discovered by police officers.

He said: "CSI Is quite literally happening in my house. So far, we have trainers and prints... and lots of silvery dust."

He later tweeted: "Amazing what Lincs police have discovered with CSI team. Top Cop work!"

The Seat Leon Cupra 290 starts from £28,380 and is considered to be one of the most capable hot hatches on the market. Its clever front differential helps to minimise torque steer under acceleration and makes fast cornering easy.

It also has a number of upgraded parts such as trick Brembo brakes that the thieves could easily sell should they strip the car down.
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