How to detect signs of a brain aneurysm

3d art illustration of male active brain

A brain aneurysm is a weakness in the wall of one of your brain's blood vessels, which allows the wall of the vessel to push outward, forming a bulge.

This bulge can rupture and brain damage or even death may result.

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A new survey has found 90% of Americans aren't sure just what a brain aneurysm is and no one in that survey could correctly identify all the signs and symptoms of an aneurysm.

Howard Riina, a neurosurgeon with New York University, says as much as 6 to 9 percent of the population may be walking around with an aneurysm and not know it.

So how can you detect one and keep yourself safe?

The most common symptom is the worst headache of your life. Seizures, weakness in the limbs, blurry or double vision, and extreme tiredness are all symptoms but a sudden excruciating pain is the most tall tale sign.

There are ways to relieve the pressure that a leak or rupture causes but according to Dr Riina, one third to even half of those who suffer a rupture will die, one third will have lasting impairment and the other third return to normal functioning with time
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