We're changing our packages - for the better

Internet, mobile and TV have become central to our lives. They connect us to our families, our friends – to the world. They matter, to everyone. But broadband providers have picked up a few bad habits. Confusing deals, complicated prices and giving the best offers to new customers, instead of looking after loyal ones. Everyone deserves better.

Putting customers first

That's why we've listened to more of our customers than ever before and we're acting on what you've told us. We're doing things differently to make things simpler, fairer, more reliable and even better value for money for everyone.

Our new Fixed Low Price Plans with the same great value

We know it's important to be in control of what you're spending, month-on-month.

That's why we're the only major provider to 100% guarantee that the broadband price we quote will stay the same, which means no price increases throughout your 18 month Fixed Low Price Plan. Even if our costs go up we won't pass them on to you.

The same great deals as new customers

We're now the only broadband provider to give you the same great offers as new customers, so you never feel you're missing out.

Once you've been on your Fixed Low Price Plan for three months, if you see a better deal from TalkTalk, you can move to it – no ifs, no buts.

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