Tony Pulis is Tony Pulis - Klopp not expecting surprises from West Brom

Jurgen Klopp is expecting Liverpool's patience to be tested as they try to break down a defensive West Brom side led by Tony Pulis at Anfield on Saturday.

Following their 0-0 draw at home to Manchester United on Monday, the Reds are unbeaten in 11 Premier League games on their own turf.

But Klopp is not expecting an easy test against West Brom, who have only conceded eight goals in as many league games to give them a better defensive record than Liverpool. 

"We don't care about the name of the team, or where we play them - home or away, we have to win, win, win," Klopp said at his pre-match media conference.

"Even if West Brom did not watch the game against Leicester or Hull [4-1 and 5-1 wins respectively], they won't play like Leicester or Hull. They play like West Brom. 

"Tony Pulis is Tony Pulis. West Brom is an experienced team with an experienced manager. They want a result and we need to find a way to play them.

"At the same moment, we need to be patient enough - all of us. All of what they are doing in defending is to make us feel uncomfortable. Not to do what we want to do.

"Early goals would help. Three early goals would really help, but that's not really likely.

"There is no easy way to go through them. Each set-piece is a threat - for every team, not just us - because they are good at them."

Klopp feels the challenges posed by West Brom highlight how competitive the Premier League is.

He continued: "You can't compare West Brom, Watford and Crystal Palace - completely different. You need to be prepared for all these different styles.

"The differences between the Premier League and all the other leagues in world football which I know is the big individual qualities in all of these teams. I think we know the reason for it and that's the big difference.

"Nobody will go through and have at the end [of the season] 120 points or something because they fight for every point. Individual quality is big in all of these teams. There are a lot of difficult hurdles and West Brom, for sure, is one of them."

Klopp did not rule out celebrating a draw against West Brom again after he was criticised for joyously greeting a 2-2 result between the two teams at Anfield last December.

He said: "I respect them all and it showed when we played West Brom. I celebrated the point and it was a little surprising for most people but I was happy. 

"I don't know in this moment if I would celebrate a draw again, it depends on the game we play on Saturday. Everything's possible.

"We have not had a lot of bad results until now in this season but [there are] a lot of problems to solve, a lot of situations to improve."

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