Online tool shows you how much you're really worth

Glassdoor can help you find out whether or not you're making as much as you should be

You can now find out how much you're really worth

Have you ever taken a look around your office and wondered just how much your colleagues are earning, and how you stack up against the competition?

You won't have to speculate any longer, because Glassdoor wants to answer your question.

The job site has created a tool called 'Know Your Worth' where you enter your employer, job title, experience level and salary.

It then tells you how you compare to those in your same position and field.

So, if you find your salary is below your market value, the tool will show you whether or not there is a possibility to make more and where and how you can do it.

But Glassdoor also warns that your worth can go up and down, so it's worth bearing that in mind too!

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