Man saves woman's life by honking his horn

Pedestrian crossings are pretty simple. A person walks up to one and motorists stop to let them cross the road.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one inattentive driver and that simple premise can turn disastrous.
This woman in Queensland, Australia, found out the hard way why you should always keep an eye on the road even if someone has been courteous enough to let you cross.

Fortunately, the driver with the dashcam was alert enough to watch his mirrors to see another motorist about to blast through the crossing.

As the woman gets halfway across, the driver beeps his horn. This makes the woman glance up in just enough time to spot the blue car coming straight for her. She stops with inches to spare.

The lucky lady walks away remarkably calmly, while the driver with the dashcam lets out a profanity. It's probably quite justified, given what's just happened!

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