Flaming meteor crashes into sea in South Wales

Meteor spotted in the sky in South Wales

A flaming meteor-like object can be seen crashing to the ground leaving a trail of fire in this amazing footage.

As the video begins, dusk is settling over a pier on the South Wales coast. Suddenly the cameraman spots something bright in the sky at cloud level.

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The shimmering object begins to descends at great speed.

As it rockets through the early evening sky it leaves a trail of fire and smoke in its wake.
It then crashes in the distance, possibly into the sea.

The amazing footage was captured by Mark James on Wednesday evening, reports Wales Online.

He said: "It was about 6.40pm and I was on top of the hill leading up to Penarth town.

"I thought it was a flare from the RNLI."

It is still unclear what exactly the flying object was.

The incredible sighting comes jut a few weeks after a meteor was spotted at Turkey Beach and Emerald in Queensland, Australia, as hundreds of locals took the social media to report their houses shaking and a "burning light" in the sky.

Police received a number of calls from concerned residents in the Gladstone area, reporting tremors in what was initially believed to be an earthquake.

Geoscience Australia has since officially ruled out an earthquake and Higgins Storm Chasing crew said a "meteorite impacted somewhere offshore".

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