Dame Barbara Windsor unveils Carry On painting parodying piece of classic art


Dame Barbara Windsor has unveiled a Carry On painting which parodies one of the UK's most famous works of art.

The former EastEnders actress features in And When Did You Last See Your Feet? alongside a number of former Carry On stars.

The 9ft (2.7 metres) painting, by artist Nick Hugh McCann, is a parody of William Frederick Yeames' 1878 classic And When Did You Last See Your Father?

Uncanny! (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

In the original painting, set during the English Civil War, a young boy is interrogated as to the whereabouts of the master of the house, whilst McCann's rework replaces the original characters with Carry On actors including Kenneth Williams, Joan Simms and Sid James.

Dame Barbara replaces the young boy and is asked And When Did You Last See Your Feet?, referencing her appearances in the Carry On franchise including Carry On Doctor, Carry On Camping and Carry On Matron.

She unveiled the painting at London's Comedy Store before it is moved to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool where it will feature alongside Yeames' original.

Barbara and Nick seem pretty pleased with the final piece.
Barbara and Nick seem pretty pleased with the final piece (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Dame Barbara said: "Just like the Carry On films, it's fun, it's cheeky and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

"When I got a sneak-peek via email, it really made me giggle, but it's even funnier in real life.

"I love that Carry On is continuing to make everyone smile and that people like Nick are finding new ways to ensure that the legacy of laughter continues."

Earlier this year, the actress revealed she thought those hoping to make new Carry On films would struggle to replicate the success of the originals.