Video details the evolution of the American police car

Police cars have been a regular sight on the road ever since the first cars went on sale, and in that time they've evolved from modified versions of regular cars to their own bespoke models.

Ford recently rolled out the new version of its Police Interceptor in America. The imposing SUV comes with flashing red and blue lights built into the bodywork and windscreen, a new instrument panel and a bespoke electrical system to manage all of the equipment officers need.
It's not always been so high-tech though. The first police car was used in Akron, Ohio, and came with a battery pack that needed recharging every 30 miles.

Over the next half-a-century, police officers used a wide variety of modified road cars before Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge began offering specifically designed vehicles in the '50s.

Perhaps the most iconic police car of all time is the Ford Crown Victoria, which entered production in the '90s and was used by police forces all over America. It was discontinued in 2011, with the new Ford Police Interceptor and Dodge Charger Pursuit becoming officers' vehicles of choice.
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