Raccoon rescued after getting stuck in bin lid

Rosie Vare
Raccoon stuck in bin lid
Raccoon stuck in bin lid

A heartwarming video has emerged of men freeing a fat raccoon that got stuck in a bin lid.

The footage, shot in Toronto, Canada, earlier this year, shows the men helping the raccoon back into the bin before releasing it in the forest.

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"This video begins after 2 hours of getting him into the truck after getting stuck in the bushes as well," the filmer wrote online.

The animal is first seen wedged in the middle of the plastic lid, lying in the back of the truck.

The men then successfully manage to move the raccoon into a wheelie bin where they let gravity take control (with a little help) and the animal slips through the lid, landing in the bottom of the bin.

Once inside the bin they wheel the chubby raccoon over to the bushes where he, reluctantly, runs off into the distance.