Parents prosecuted over son's behaviour after he kills friend in crash

Belgian authorities are to prosecute the parents of a 17-year-old boy who caused the death of his friend in a car crash.

They will face a charge of failing to teach him the difference between right and wrong.
Jordy Kinoo from Kruiseke, Belgium, crashed a Citroen C2 into a pole in May 2015, killing his friend Niels Forrest, 24, instantly. Kinoo managed to climb free from the wreckage after the car landed on its roof.

The vehicle belonged to Forrest, who had handed the keys to Kinoo despite knowing he did not have a licence. A court in Flanders was told that it was not the first time he had driven his friend's car.

Eyewitnesses told police that the car had been speeding before the crash, which happened on a road that was closed to traffic.

Kinoo received a 12-month suspended sentence, was banned from driving for two years with the final 12 months suspended and was fined €1,200.

In a court in Ypres, a lawyer representing Kinoo's parents claimed that the car's owner should hold responsibility for the crash because he handed over the keys knowing that their son had not passed his driving test.

However, the judge countered that the driver's parents were in fact partly responsible because they had failed to teach their son to respect the law.

They will now have to appear in court on February 20, 2017.
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