The driving tips you should know to avoid sitting in gridlock

With road congestion in major cities increasing all the time, knowing how best to tackle the flow of traffic can help keep vehicles moving.

Inside Edition spoke to renowned traffic engineer Sam Schwartz to find out what drivers can do to help the situation.
The first problem they addressed was merging when a car is blocking a lane. The most efficient method is to 'zipper', which means cars from each lane take it in turns to go. That way everyone knows who should be going next, minimising the amount of harsh braking needed.

They also discuss 'phantom traffic jams', which are caused by drivers over-compensating when braking. When one person brakes, the person behind brakes a little harder, and the effect flows down the line until someone stops.

This can be avoided by keeping a safe distance from the car in front, allowing more reaction time and less unnecessary braking.

Check out the video for more tips on getting through heavy traffic.
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