How the Mercedes G-Class became the go-to motor for celebrities

For a car that still looks almost exactly as it did when it was first introduced in the '70s, it might come as a surprise to learn that the Mercedes G-Class has become the go-to car for the rich and famous.

You could describe the G-Class as an urban tank, thanks to the fact it's so much bigger than most things on the road. Its boxy shape has remained through the years while most other manufacturers have turned to curvier, more aerodynamic shapes, ensuring it looks like few other vehicles.
In fact, it actually started out as a military-grade off-roader and has been used by armies from 44 different countries over the years.

So how did a car with so much off-road capability and a history of tearing around war zones become the darling of the A-list elite?

Well, depending on which specification you get, the G-Class will set you back anything between about £90,000 and £140,000. That's a lot of money for a car that feels like it might topple over if you take a roundabout too hard, but it has become a status symbol.

Particularly in top-spec G63 AMG form, its 'bling' styling appeals to those who want to look like they've 'made it'.

In fact, to emphasise the G's cool status, Mercedes reportedly gives the cars to celebrities for free. It's part of a new wave of social media marketing that sees online influencers using products so that others aspire to own them.

Celebrities who've been spotted driving the imposing 4x4s include Kim Kardashian, Will Young and Abbey Clancy.
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