Tourists on jet boat rescues wallaby from drowning

Rosie Vare
Boat rescues drowning wallaby
Boat rescues drowning wallaby

This wallaby got a lucky break after becoming stranded off South Stradbroke island, Australia.

He hopped into the ocean to escape being attacked by a dog – much to the fascination of a group of tourists.

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Taking an afternoon tour recently, Jamie Earley from GC Jet Boating told the Gold Coast Bulletin he spotted the cute marsupial and realised something was wrong.

The footage shows the boat circling the distressed animal a few times to try and find the best position to help him from.

Once in place, Earley scooped the wallaby out and put him on the front of the boat where he sat quietly until they reached the shore again.

"It was really relaxed, I put him on the dash of the boat, he was just chilling out," Mr Earley said.

"Then we just took him back to shore."

Once they made it back to the beach the animal hopped off the front of the boat with the help of Mr Earley.