There's such a thing as condoms for wine bottles and it's kind of genius


When you open a bottle of wine and don't finish it (rare, we know) there's always that annoying issue about the cork not fitting back in.

Well, someone's come up with a solution: The Wine Condom.

The hilarious disposable bottle stoppers - made of rolled up rubber - create a water-tight seal so the bottle can be stored sideways or upright. Genius right?

Mother and son team Mitch Strahan and Laura Bartlett came up with the idea after Bartlett sealed up an open bottle of wine with clingfilm and rubber bands, and began a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

Unlike lots of bottle stoppers, or putting the cork back in, the Wine Condom doesn't add any height so it's easier to store.

They come in handy individual wrappers so you can take them anywhere too.

Although currently unavailable (we hope due to high demand) the Wine Condom has been on sale on Amazon.

Wine condoms (Amazon/Screenshot)

Cue the jokes.

Safe drinking guys.