Kate Beckinsale teases daughter in fun family selfie

Kate Beckinsale's daughter was left squirming after her mum shared a slightly embarrassing family selfie.

Actress Kate posted a picture on Instagram of herself and her ex Michael Sheen and their 17-year-old Lily, which showed the teenager looking mortified to be in the shot.

Kate Beckinsale (Jordan Strauss/Invision)
Kate Beckinsale (Jordan Strauss/Invision)

She teasingly captioned the picture: "When your child is so excited to take a picture with her parents that it has tipped over into actual physical pain."

But Lily quipped back: "You guys are the reason i won't get into college."

Kate, 42, and Michael, 47 - who broke up in 2003 but have remained very close - often display their quirky sense of humour online.

Earlier this year they recreated Lily's birth photo for a hilarious Instagram post.

It showed the trio in the same positions they were in back in 1999 when Lily arrived, with the couple and their newborn in hospital.

Kate captioned it: "Always a baby to me."

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