'I'm just a bit dotty': Sharon Osbourne denies being drunk on X Factor


TV star Sharon Osbourne has denied being drunk on The X Factor after forgetting one of her singers' names.

Osbourne, 64, appeared to ask fellow judge Louis Walsh "what's her name?" after introducing Saara Aalto as the "songbird from abroad".

Aalto, who is in Osbourne's over-25s category, was in the show's sing-off with Freddy Parker, who went on to lose his place on the ITV show.

The X Factor judge told Good Morning Britain that she was "just terrible with names" after appearing to forget Aalto's name three times on the series.

"I was thinking about something else. I wish I could come up with a better excuse," she said.

"I was thinking about songs, and I wondered... what are we going to do next week and then I'm like, oh she's in the bottom two again, and all of this is going on in my head and then they go 'it's you, it's you' and I'm like 'what? What am I doing?'"

She added: "It's just me, I'm just a bit dotty. But drinking? No."

Osbourne responded to the comments about alcohol by saying: "Listen you trolls on Twitter! I have seen too many careers destroyed, family members destroyed from alcohol, this Mrs ain't going there."

The judge accidentally blurted "bloody hell" on Good Morning Britain while talking about the incident, and joked: "Maybe if I did have a drink I would remember people's names!

"Each week they go 'oh, she's on the bottle again'. The milk bottle maybe."

Osbourne, who lives in the US and who has also accidentally said that Finnish contestant Aalto is from Norway, said that she could not believe what was going on in the presidential debate.

She compared Donald Trump to the fuss around X Factor contestant Honey G, saying: "It's the same thing with Honey G, people can't believe it, people go 'what is that?' He's like reality TV and he appeals to a certain kind of culture and population in America that really trust him..."

Osbourne also said everything was fine in her marriage after rocker Ozzy's alleged affair.

"Everything is good. Everything's on track... I'm blessed, I have a blessed life," she said.

"I have come through and I'm definitely out the other side... He might be a dirty dog, but he's my dirty dog."