Honda recalling 350,000 Civics over brake defect

Honda has voluntarily recalled more than 350,000 2016 Civics in America because of an issue with the parking brake not engaging after the car is turned off.

The defect means that cars can roll away after the occupants have left the vehicle.
Honda says that there have been no recorded crashes or injuries as a result of the problem, but has decided to issue a recall after analysing warranty claims. After looking into the issue, Honda found 342 cases where a faulty parking brake was the cause of a claim.

In papers handed to America's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda claims that the defect can be fixed with a software update. It affects vehicles with both 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre engines.

The defect is caused by the driver applying the handbrake after the engine has been turned off, but doesn't affect those who engage it before turning off the engine.
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