Five ways to save at a restaurant

Rosie Vare
How to save money at restaurants
How to save money at restaurants

Eating out at a restaurant can be a great way to catch up with friends and have a relaxing evening but it's not always cheap.

Here are five fast ways you can save while dining away from home.

1. Coupons

Having a quick look for coupons, vouchers and discount codes online before you go out can easily cut your bill down. For those living in London, handy apps like CityMunch will also show you up to date deals on restaurants in your area.

2. Share the meal

Portions can be a lot bigger than you expect and need, why not order one starter and one main and share them between two, this will quickly reduce costs.

3. Rewards cards

While they might not be available in every restaurant, plenty of chains will have them and they're worth hanging on to for the future discounts. Similarly signing up for email alerts might forewarn you about upcoming discounts and being a 'member' can offer extra price reductions too.

4. Price check before you go

Doing a bit of research online before you go can be hugely beneficial. You might be surprised how different prices are at very similar restaurants.

5. Eat before you leave

If you have a small snack an hour or so before you go you can skip the starter and enjoy your main meal. Alternatively if you want to switch things up a bit then why not eat your main meal at home and head to a restaurant for a fancy dessert!