Five ways car manufacturers ensure a smooth drive

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They haven't quite gone as far as reinventing the wheel yet, but 21st Century car manufacturers are devising more and more clever ways to revolutionise your driving experience. Huge advances in automotive engineering means a smooth drive is guaranteed as cars become more efficient, refined and faster. And we don't have to look far from home to see it in action. We went for a drive in the Jaguar XE to experience five ways Jaguar is redefining the art of driving.

Engine boot camp
It used to be that a car's engine size was directly related to its performance. The larger it was, the faster it tended to be. But a heavy engine blunts a car's handling and is disastrous for fuel economy. Thanks to its Ingenium engine, the Jaguar XE feels lighter and more agile, offering the performance of a sports car with the efficiency of a city car.

The quality of braking is also key to a smooth driving experience. When the car in front comes to a halt, you'll wish your car stopped as well as it accelerated. Using modern techniques, car manufacturers are making them bigger for greater stopping power, but lighter and better ventilated to save weight overall. The Jaguar XE takes its advanced braking system one step further with 'torque vectoring', debuted on the F-TYPE sports car. The XE will brake individual wheels as you corner, to keep the car stable and balanced. On our test drive, we found the system completely unobtrusive so you won't even know it's happening. What you will notice though, is the way it will transform your B-road rides.

Platform shoes
Aluminium is a car maker's dream material: incredibly strong but super light, it transforms the way a car rides and handles while you reap the rewards at the fuel pump. Incredibly, the Jaguar XE contains more than 75% aluminium, the most in its class, making it incredibly stiff but light – the holy grail of car handling. It makes the car feel effortless to drive as there is little inertia.

Slick shifter
The best gear change is the one you don't notice. A gearbox that reads the road and knows exactly what gear you need to be in, allowing you to get on with the business of driving. The Jaguar XE uses an eight-speed automatic gearbox that seamlessly shifts between gears to suit your driving style. And of course, for a more engaging feel you can switch the gear lever between automatic and manual with a simple paddle flick.

In suspense
A car's suspension is one of the hardest components to get right. Too firm and the car will crash over bumps and shake your fillings loose. Too soft and it will flop and sway like a bouncy castle in a hurricane if you corner too quickly. Jaguar reckon they have the perfect balance, and driving it, it certainly seems so. The lightweight aluminium front knuckle helps create a sports car-like control, while the chassis and suspension is strong and stiff, yet light, for agility and comfort. The result is a car that feels completely in tune with you and the road: gliding over surface imperfections yet proving highly entertaining when you let your hair down.

So there we have it: the complex processes involved in modern car manufacturing that result in an effortless drive for you, as exemplified by the Jaguar XE.

Take it out for a test drive to see for yourself

Official fuel consumption for the Jaguar XE range in mpg (L/100km): Urban 24.4-64.2 (11.6-4.4); Extra Urban 46.3-83.1 (6.1-3.4); Combined 34.9-75.0 (8.1-3.8). CO2 Emissions 194-99 (g/km). Official EU Test Figures. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ.