Aol poll finds collapse in support for Brexit

David Bell

Prime Minister's Questions
Prime Minister's Questions

AOL readers who previously backed leaving the EU have made a surprise U-turn, now favouring by a wide margin, to stay full members of the bloc.

The online polls were conducted last week and over the weekend, as the value of sterling continued to take a hammering on international markets and doubts over the Government's plans for Brexit deepened.

Asked, if they believed the UK should quit the EU, 24% agreed that the UK should leave the institutions of the EU as stipulated by the referendum. Sixty percent however, came out in favour of remaining full members of the European Union. By contrast, leaving the single market and the customs union won the lowest level of support with only 15% believing that a 'Hard Brexit' was the right course of action.

Following the revelations concerning Boris Johnson's 'secret' article in favour of EU membership, just days before joining Vote Leave, Aol readers were equally scathing. Seventy two percent believed that the now Foreign Secretary had misled the British public.

Readers also cast doubts on the Government's ability to negotiate a successful Brexit with 68% agreeing that Theresa May and her Brexit ministers had no plan.

Retailers have already warned that prices will rise in the new year as the early affects of the Brexit vote start to bite. The row between Tesco and Unilever over prices of some of Britain's most famous brands as also seemingly dented public confidence about life outside the EU and single market.

Attitude to freedom of movement is also shifting after a ComRes poll suggested Britons would rather the PM prioritise favourable trade deals with EU countries than curbing migration by 49% to 39%.

As the mood in the country starts to shift and voters feel increasingly betrayed by the promises of the Brexiteers, it is clear, that the battle for competing visions of Britain and it's place in the world have only just begun.