Dramatic rescue of woman in sinking car caught on camera

Ruth Doherty
Woman rescued from sinking car in Massachusetts
Woman rescued from sinking car in Massachusetts

A woman is lucky to be alive after she drove her SUV into a lake in Massachusetts.

The 68-year-old woman had been trying to back into a parking space when she went over the kerb and plunged into Arlington's Spy Pond.

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Three brave onlookers jumped into the pond and managed to rescue her.

Dan Frazier and Kenneth Chapman were two of the men on the scene who somehow managed to free her from the sinking car.

A witness caught the rescue on camera. Speaking to CBS News, Dan said that the first man opened the door and water rushed in, with the two front doors completely submerging.

He said of the woman: "She was very, very scared and had taken in water. And she, she knew she was dying. I mean, she just figured this was it."

But somebody managed to get the back door open and the lady escaped through that. However, the men first of all thought they had lost her.

Frazier can be heard shouting: "I lost her. I lost her", as the car goes under completely.

But an onlooker then sees the woman and shouts, "She's behind you!".

Dan said: "He got sucked down a little bit at the same time and then, what seemed to be forever was about ten seconds - she popped up."

He added that the woman kept saying, "Thank you Jesus".

According to Patch, police were still working to remove the car from the water.

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