The neighbourhood that doesn't exist on Google Maps

The celebrity neighbourhood that doesn't exist on Google Maps

It's not unusual for celebrities to want a little privacy when it comes to their personal lives but what about when the media and paparazzi follow your every turn?

This is what happens on a daily basis for stars like Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West.

After recently being the victim of a terrifying burglary while on holiday in Paris, it's not surprising the pair keep themselves to themselves at home.

Hidden Hills is an exclusive neighbourhood in Los Angeles that is so private you won't even be able to find it on Google Maps.

If you search for a property in the complex online, you won't be able to find it because as far as Google Maps is concerned, it's invisible.

The celebrity neighbourhood that doesn't exist on Google Maps

While the area does appear on the maps there are no details of any of the roads that are found in the neighbourhood.

All of the 550 homes there cannot be seen on Google Street View.

Google's high tech street cars that photograph homes are actually banned from entering the gated community.

Usually when you type in an address on a public street Google Street view allows you to see each home from any angle you choose.

You won't have much luck when it comes to Hidden Hills however, the function won't even let you move any further down the street.

The discreet neighbourhood gives piece of mind to celebrities who spend their lives in the spotlight but want to do a disappearing act at home.

Celebrities who fell foul of the tax system
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Celebrities who fell foul of the tax system

She may have won five Grammys and sold more than 19 million copies of her solo album, but that didn't save her from being jailed for failure to pay her taxes. She was sentenced to three months in jail, then three months confined to her home, for failing to pay tax on £1.2 of earnings between 2005 and 2007.

Hill told the court that she had meant to pay the taxes, but she had withdrawn from public life in order to raise her six children, so had been unable to pay the tax bill. She has since paid the money back, but must still spend three months at Danbury open prison.

Dolce and Gabanna were given jail sentences in June for failing to declare 1 billion euros of income. They were sentenced to a year and eight months in jail, but said they would appeal.

Heidi Fleiss was sentenced in 1997 to seven years in prison for failing to pay tax on profits from the prostitution ring she ran. She eventually served 20 months in jail, and 10 months in a halfway house - and was released in 1999.

Judy Garland was wrong-footed by a tax bill in 1967, she had her home repossessed by the IRS and was forced to live in a hotel. She died two years later.

Richard Hatch is a relatively minor celebrity, but makes the list for sheer stupidity. He was the first winner of Survivor, and its £1 million prize, but failed to declare it to the tax man. He was sentenced to jail and home confinement for more than three years.

The rapper and actor admitted he hadn't paid tax on his earnings between 2004 and 2006. He was ordered to repay $1 million and spend two years in prison. He is actually serving it concurrently with a New York sentence for possession of a weapon.

Lester Piggott was sentenced to three years in jail in 1997, after failing to declare income to the taxman. At the time it was thought to be Britain's longest-ever sentence for personal tax fraud.

Richard Pryor served 10 days in jail in 1974 for failing to pay his taxes. He told the judge that he had simply forgotten about it.

Wesley Snipes owed an impressive $17 million in tax after failing to file returns from 1999 to 2004, and was jailed for three years. On release he still had to pay the cash back.

Sophia Loren was sentenced to 30 days in prison in 1982 for failing to pay tax. She served 17 days in a Naples jail.

Nicholas Cage was never given any jail time, but after failing to pay his taxes, he was ordered to pay more than $14 million in back tax and charges. He blamed his ex-manager and accountant, and has been selling his assets to pay the taxman back.

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