Locals reveal what not to do in top tourist destinations

Locals reveal what not to do in top tourist destinations

Living near the likes of top tourist hotspots like Disneyland might sound like fun - but it's not always the case for locals.

Now, residents in top tourist destinations have taken to Reddit to reveal how to stay on their good side.

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The responses come after a question was posed on the site that read: "People who live near famous tourist destinations, what is something the average person should know?"

One London resident explained that slow-moving tourists are a particular annoyance, writing: "Don't stand on the left on the escalator [in the underground train stations]. You'll be mown down by a barrage of tutting."

Other London tips include: "London, do not travel on the tube between 8-10 and 5-7 on weekdays. Just trust me."

While another advised: "Just to add to this - if you're in the centre of London, just walking to your next tube stop is often very doable and allows you to see more of the city. London is full of alleyways, tons of history, small cafes and restaurants, museums. If you ever have the chance, in my opinion the best day out in London is walking along the River Thames."

One user referenced how visitors need to be well prepared when taking a trip to the Grand Canyon, warning: "If you're gonna go to the Grand Canyon, bring water and layers. Seriously. The amount of people I have seen on 7+ mile trails without water is scary. Also: I've hiked in and out when its been snowing and freezing and a couple miles in have just been in leggings and a sports bra. And then you rest for 2 seconds and suddenly need to put on 2 jackets and mittens. The temp difference between the rim and the floor is insane too. Prepare for everything."

"Another pro tip: the rim ain't nothing to f*** with. Stop taking "cool" and 'daring' pics on scary ass ledges. If you don't fall off, you might knock rocks off and on to people hiking below. Those fences are there for a reason."

New Yorkers apparently want you to be well-prepared too - so you don't clog up the sidewalk. One wrote: "If you're in NYC at all, keep moving. Don't stop in the middle of the sidewalk. Don't stand at the end of the street deciding which crosswalk to go on. MOVE YER ASS!"

Another said: "This isn't a theme park, it wasn't all laid on to feed your Instagram. Some of us live and work here. Wake up."

Another New Yorker said: "A lot of the NY museums are free. It is a suggested donation. The ticket people are trained to make you feel bad, but just tell them some guy on reddit says he pays enough taxes for lifetime memberships for everyone that sees this post."

Tourist no-nos: Things that cause offence around the world
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Tourist no-nos: Things that cause offence around the world
Any indecent behaviour, such as showing your bum in public, is not tolerated anywhere on the Greek islands. In fact, some fancy dress costumes can also go against Greece's decency laws.
Only Buddhist Monks are allowed to touch people's heads in Thailand. The head is seen as the most holy part of the body and touching or covering someone else's is seen as disrespectful.
Jamaica is famous for lots of things - sunshine, beaches and... getting high! But contrary to popular belief, it is strictly illegal to smoke marijuana on the island. Many people seem to think otherwise!
If you want to buy a German a bottle of wine, stick to the wine that's been imported from elsewhere. Giving German wine says that you don't trust them to provide quality wine themselves.
Jaywalking is an illegal activity in the Czech Republic. Always cross at signed crossings and wait for the green man signal to light up if there is one.
If you're travelling with a pet, Singapore isn't your best bet. You're allowed to keep animals indoors but having your pet in any public area is against the law.
In China, you should never greet anybody by embracing them or kissing them unless you know them extremely well.
You may wish to give someone thank you flowers during your stay in Russia, but make sure the bouquet is made up of an odd number of flowers. An even number is for funerals here.
It is illegal to speak even slightly negatively about the King in Thailand - or any member of the Royal Family for that matter. Even saying something as a joke could land you in jail.
It's not that Italians don't like rock music, but making the 'rock on' horns hand gesture in this country insultingly translates as you telling someone their wife is unfaithful.
It's considered extremely insulting to eat anything with your hands in Chile - even foods that you love to pick up such as hamburgers or chips! Make sure you always use your cutlery in public.
Travelling up the escalator can be tricky business in Japan and it is frowned upon and rude to stand on the wrong side. Stand on the right side in Osaka and the left in Tokyo - or just copy the locals!
When visiting Kenya, the etiquette is to not call someone by their first name. You should call people Mr or Mrs Last Name, or Sir or Madam if you don't know it.
Electronic cigarettes are illegal in Dubai and across the UAE, and will be confiscated at the border if you try to bring them with you on holiday.

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