Jeremy Clarkson gets trolled by everyone over lost cash card

Jeremy Clarkson has found himself at the mercy of his Twitter followers after asking for help when an ATM swallowed his bank card.

He's used to dishing out the blunt comments, so let's hope he has a thick enough skin to take them when they're coming his way, as people were less than sympathetic about his plight.

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy has lost his card (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

The former Top Gear presenter turned to his online network for help when he lost his bank card.

But unfortunately, the responses he received may not have been what he was looking for - and even the AA refused to offer advice to the petrolhead.

People even dragged his diminutive co-star Richard Hammond into the debate.

And it seems everyone is still thinking about the fracas that saw him fired from the BBC driving series.

Some of the suggestions were typically Clarkson-esque.

And few people seemed worried that the star may run out of cash any time soon.

He appealed again, and at least RBS wanted to help.

Chin up, Jeremy. Looks like you'll be waiting five to seven working days for the post.

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