Rally driver negotiates family of moose at high speed

A rally driver demonstrated his driving prowess after coming across a family of moose on a forest stage.

In footage shared to YouTube, the rally driver is seen tearing away from the start line at the event in Lapuan, Finland, going straight into a series of twists and turns through dense woodland.While the first minute of his race is uneventful, after rounding a bend he comes across the moose crossing the lane in single file.

Unable to stop in time, the competitor shows exactly why he is a rally driver, making a quick steering correction to pass between two members of the group.

However, the near-miss appears to have damaged his composure, as he goes on to misjudge a corner, and ploughs through one of the orange track markers.

Despite remaining on course, his chances of a win are seriously decreased, but what does that matter when he just avoided a nasty collision with a moose?

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