Abused circus bear rescued and living happily

Rosie Vare
Abused circus bear rescued
Abused circus bear rescued

This is Cholita, a bear who was abused for years in a Peruvian circus - so badly that she lost all of her hair.

She was eventually rescued but spent years in a zoo after being nursed back to health.

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Now, however, she's living in the lap of luxury.

Animal Defenders International (ADI) rescued Cholita and provided her with an enclosure in a forest, where she's safe and secure.

The agency says they are now working to save other animals just like Cholita.

The bear has happily been living in its new home for a year now and ADI are currently working to save another bear in a similar situation.

Dominga is another bald spectacled bear who is currently living in a zoo in the Andes.

If ADI are successful in their mission to save Dominga they will expand Cholita's enclosure so the animals can live together safely.

Find out more about how you can help Dominga on the Animal Defenders International website.