7 reasons why Strictly Come Dancing is a must-watch even without Will Young

With all the coverage of Will Young's early departure from Strictly Come Dancing this week you'd be forgiven for thinking the singer was the only thing worth watching about the show.

That's not true of course: there are hundreds of reasons to tune in on Saturday - and here are some of the best...

1. Will Young's gone - but will he be forgotten?

Look, we'd rather have Will on the show than not on the show, but the reaction to his absence could be pretty popcorn-worthy. Will the other contestants pay gushing tributes to him? Or will it be the awkward elephant in the ballroom? Whatever, it should be fascinating to see it unfold.

2. Danny Mac. Just Danny Mac.

Look, let's face it - 30 seconds into Danny's dance, it'll be a case of: "Will who?" Obviously we'd happily watch Danny do anything, or even nothing, but we're particularly looking forward to seeing him get to grips with the quickstep.

3. It's a proper dancing week.

Last week was Movie Week, and everyone loves Movie Week. But after the glitz, the gimmicks and the showboating, we're looking forward to bit of ballroom normalcy. Fancy themes are all very well, but we're hoping for some classic Strictly dance moments like Kara's famous rumba back in 2010.

4. Will Ore Oduba continue to cry after every dance?

We get it. It's an emotional rollercoaster out there on the dancefloor. But seriously: get a grip. Having said that, he's made the most striking improvement so far - can he keep it up?

5. We can't wait to find out what Ed Balls does next.

Everyone's favourite dancing politician has done samba dressed as The Mask and donned dungarees and a banjo for the Charleston. Who knew he was such a good sport?

6. We're yet to see a 10 from the judges.

We can't wait to see Bruno do his little air punch when he gets his 10 board out. Or do his annual fall-off-his-chair routine. So much to look forward to.

7. Aljaz.

Aljaz Skorjanec at the launch of Strictly Come Dancing 2016
(Ian West/PA)

No particular reason. Just an excuse for a photo, really.

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