What is the UK's most popular car colour?

Dynamic photo, Colour: Florett silver

With 30 million cars on the UK's roads, there's a bountiful selection of all kinds of colours, from standard silver tones to more questionable beige.

But which colour is the most popular amongst UK motorists? Using data gleaned from the DVLA, the RAC has put together a list of the most new vehicle shades by the end of the first quarter of 2016. And some of the results are more than surprising.
Gone may be the days of gleaming chrome bumpers, but it seems that motorists are still fond of a shiny silver paint job, with the colour continuing to prove the most popular on new vehicles, making up 22.5 per cent of registrations. However, this is a seven per cent drop on the figure for 2013, suggesting the colour may be falling out of favour.

In second place, black is again an unsurprisingly popular choice, and it seems to be growing on motorists. At 19.4 per cent, it has seen a 13 per cent increase in popularity since 2013.

While occupying third place, blue has seen a drop since 2013. It now makes up 18.7 per cent of all cars, five per cent down on three years ago.

Fourth and fifth positions in the car colour charts go to grey on 12 per cent and red on 11. The former has seen a popularity increase of 21 per cent, while the latter has seen a four per cent rise.

White takes sixth place on the list, making up 9.3 per cent of cars, and green in seventh place makes up only 3.5 per cent.

There are still more than a million green cars on UK roads though – 1,066,496 to be precise.

The final three places in the top ten are taken by beige (0.8 per cent), yellow (0.6 per cent) and brown (0.6 per cent).

The popularity of brown, however, has increased by 84 per cent in the past three years.

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