Lord Sugar tells Apprentices they're all appalling

We're only on week two of The Apprentice, and already we've seen a series first.

Tonight, Lord Alan Sugar refused to name either team the winner or loser in a task that saw the candidates try to brand a range of Japanese jeans, because they were both so appalling.

The Apprentice Natalie Hughes
Natalie Hughes was given her marching orders (BBC)

On the women's team, the brand lived up to its name of Unclaimed when they lost the jeans on the way to a photoshoot, while the men failed to understand the meaning of unisex, saying that is what their product D.A.Y. jeans was before explaining that there were different designs for men and women.

So it was off to the Bridge Cafe for the lot of them, before team leaders Jessica Cunningham and Mukai Noiri brought back two team members each to fight it out in the boardroom.

Viewers were just as shocked as Lord Sugar by the general standard.

In the end, hair and beauty salon owner Natalie Hughes was deemed the worst of the lot and sent packing in the taxi.

She couldn't get out of the building fast enough, performing what must have been the quickest ever exit.

The others headed back to the house, wrists slapped and told to smarten up their act next week.

Can't wait for next Thursday already.

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