Joe Swash will propose to Stacey Solomon on Celebrity Juice tonight

Celebrity Juice viewers might want to get their hats ready for tonight's episode, as Joe Swash will be seen proposing to girlfriend Stacey Solomon.

But before we start looking out for the magazine wedding shoot, we should say that the ex-EastEnder is only joking around in a bid to win a final point for his team on the ITV2 show.

According to Mail Online, quiz host Keith Lemon will be seen saying to Stacey: "I think he wants to get you a ring."

Joe Swash
Joe will pop the question tonight (Ian West/PA)

Joe protests: "I didn't say that! I'm not against it, I'm just saying," while Keith piles on the pressure with: "It would be great if he did on the show, here."

The harassed contestant, who has been in the relationship less than a year, continues: "It's all in good time, I don't know why everyone wants to rush!"

But the temptation to win the show proves too much for Joe when Keith brings out a ring box and says: "I'll give you this and if you propose to Stacey on the show, I'll give you a point for your team."

Celebrity Juice
Will Holly, Keith and Fearne be buying hats? (ITV)

In the final moments of the competition, a desperate Joe turns to his girlfriend with the box and says: "Will you marry me for this point? Say yes, please!"

Former X Factor contestant Stacey agrees to the spoof proposal, but it doesn't seem a million miles away from reality as Joe has previously told The Xtra Factor that he plans to ask her to marry him "at some point".

Stacey Solomon
Stacey is a lucky lady (Ian West/PA)

And in a recent OK! magazine interview, when asked if marriage was on the cards, Stacey replied: "I don't know, ask him, see what he says! I want to come across cool, you know what I mean?

"I can't give the game away. We're all girls. We know how it works!"

The episode of Celebrity Juice airs tonight on ITV2 at 10pm.

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