Could Karthik's monobrow be Lord Sugar's next Apprentice?

The Apprentice's quirky characters really started to come out of the woodwork tonight, and we're praying Karthik Nagesan manages to stay in for a while yet as he looks like series gold.

IT consultancy owner Karthik kicked off the episode in style by addressing the attention that his prominent facial hair had drawn.

The Apprentice
Karthik's monobrow makes him stand out from the crowd (BBC)

He told the other candidates in his car on the way to the task: "If I wanted to be like everyone else, I would have plucked my monobrow. But I don't want to be like everyone else."

It may just have been the best line any of us had heard in any Apprentice series, ever.

Karthik's tactic certainly seems to have worked as his monobrow was all people could talk about for the rest of the episode.

He also made sure he was the star attraction when the team went to film their advert for the jeans brand they were trying to promote, perching himself on the edge of a skate park, complaining about the heat and dejacketing so that passers by could admire his physique.

Come on Lord Sugar, don't let us down - Karthik absolutely has to get to the interview round.

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