Cheeky raccoon steals phone and makes a run for it

portrait of a cheeky raccoon ...
portrait of a cheeky raccoon ...

Student of the Kentucky-based Bellarmine University, Guy Williams, managed to capture amusing up-close footage of a cheeky raccoon running away with his phone on October 11.

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Williams and his friends were taking pictures and feeding the animal that has been staying on the campus 'for over a year now', Williams told Reuters, when then 19-year-old student came up with the idea to capture up-close footage of the raccoon.

He lured the animal with acorns tossed around the phone, Williams said, and the raccoon literally took the bait as it bit the device and made a run for it, with the phone still recording.

The raccoon dropped the device shortly into his run and the 19-year-old student was able to find it by calling his own number.

"After getting my phone back, the first thing I said to my friends was that this is going to be a viral video. They were too busy laughing, but I was legitimately scared I had just lost my phone forever," Williams told Reuters.

Since being posted on Twitter the video has racked up over 30.000 retweets and 38.000 likes.