Brutal winter car crash compilation

A series of dashcam crash clips have been compiled into a video showcasing the dangers of driving during the winter months.

The minute-long video features more than 15 incidents, many of which are caused by the driver's lack of anticipation of the hazardous driving conditions.
Vehicles lose control, skid, swerve and fail to stop in the clips, all of which result in brutal-looking crashes.

While some of the motorists shown appear to have forgotten how to drive in the poor conditions, others fail to notice pedestrians because of reduced visibility.

According to the commentator, 22 per cent of accidents in the US are caused by adverse weather conditions. However, he attributes others to 'daredevil driving'.

Icy conditions require up to 10 times more braking distance than on a mild day, he adds, although some accidents are caused purely by bad luck.

The video was put together as part of a new series of Car Crash Global: Caught on Camera, which began yesterday on ITV4.
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