Police Land Rover spray-painted silver by vandals

A West Yorkshire Police Land Rover has been sprayed silver by vandals after being parked up overnight.

Police reported the incident yesterday after the vehicle was found covered in paint in Hebden Bridge. Detectives are asking members of the local community for any information on the incident.
The modified Land Rover Defender was vandalised between 9:30 PM on Monday 10th and 5am yesterday, and Neighbourhood Inspector John Simpson requested anyone with information on the event to come forward.

Insp Simpson said: "Some people might find this funny but the extent of the damage means that this vital emergency vehicle will be off the road whilst it is repaired at a cost.

"It is a specialist vehicle used to access the more rural areas of Calderdale and as such is an essential vehicle for the local communities."

Police added that it didn't have a dedicated car park for the service's vehicles in the town and it had parked its vehicles in Hangingroyd Lane before without incident.

The vehicle is used to cover the Calder Valley, which is part of Yorkshire's vast moorland.

Written by Jack Healy
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