How to stop travel sickness

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Plenty of people suffer from seasickness and motion sickness - and it's not a simple one to cure.

Champagne and brandy were once thought to be cures for sea sickness - in fact, it was such a wide-spread falsehood that in 1910 this information was published in The Scientific American Handbook of Travel.

As refreshing as a glass of bubbly may be, it isn't going to settle your stomach if you face stormy seas or a windy road (and in fact, studies show alcohol of any type can make motion sickness worse).

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Want to cure motion sickness fast? Stop moving!

But obviously it's not usually as simple as that. While pulling over may be easy when in a car what should you do on a boat or in public transport?

Riding in the front passenger seat of the car is a top tip as it can help being able to see the road ahead.

By eating some before a trip, some studies show ginger can work as a motion sickness preventative.

Eating small, low fat meals before getting on the road is best. Fat takes more energy to digest and can cause nausea.

If you've got time to take a nap, there are always over the counter remedies.

Holidays with wacky transport
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Holidays with wacky transport

Slow down to the gentle pace of Charlie and Bob,  trusty carthorses who will take you on a journey to see the Cumbrian countryside in a traditional, hand-painted Gypsy wagon. Meander via wildflower meadows, riverside camps, organic tea shops and private lakeside saunas: bucolic bliss. Weekend adventures from £340 for a family of four. Visit

Do you yearn for the feel the wind in your hair and unobstructed views of Vietnam's paddy fields, villages and coastline, without the stress of negotiating South East Asia's roads and traffic? Then make yourself comfy in the sidecar of a vintage motorbike while a local driver takes you off the beaten track on a sidecar safari. Trips last from three to eight days. A 10-night tour costs £1,169 per person, including flights and accommodation at the 4-star Victoria Hotel, Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa. Visit

Get an elephant's-eye view of the rainforest as you travel through dense, green jungle alongside Laos' Nam Khan River. An elephant ride, starting from Luang Prabang, is part of Contiki's 14-day Asian Adventure to Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. From £1,102 per person, land only, including hotel accommodation.

If you've ever been hiking with small children to the constant refrain of 'I'm tiiiiired', a donkey hiking holiday could be the solution. Walk alongside the hairy beasts through the wonderful scenery in the wilder parts of the Algarve and, when your child gets tired, just pop them on the donkey's back and trot on. A seven-day hiking tour costs from €1,800 per person, including all accommodation, meals, donkeys and guides. Visit

Ok, they might look a bit funny, but these nifty little cars are actually a wonderful way to see the countryside and breathe the fresh air. Bag one of the Brecon Beacon's six brand new Renault Twizy electric cars, which have zero environmental impact and can be recharged at charging points at the park's main attractions and restaurants. Rental costs from £45 per day with

If you didn't spend your youth skateboarding with the cool kids, it's never too late to try boarding... But forget competing with the teenagers in urban parks, try zooming effortlessly around Cornwall's riverside and woodland paths instead on a FiiK™ Electric Skateboard, only recently launched in Europe. A weekend trip costs from £350 per person, including luxury self-catered accommodation and two guided half-day rides. Visit

Why should Ewan MacGregor have all the fun? Mount a 500c classic Enfield Bullet motorbike and roar across remote mountain passes to the Tibetan border. Cross the Silk Road and Spiti River Valley and a single-wire suspension bridge, pass Buddhist monasteries, remote villages and snow leopards. A 14-night Trans Himalayan Odyssey costs £2,978 per person for a single rider, including flights, accommodation, motorbike rental, fuel and support. Visit

San Francisco is a stunning city but damn, it sure is hilly. Save your aching legs and see the sights with minimum effort from atop a Segway - the motorised scooters which are all the rage among time-poor, adventure-hungry or just ever so slightly lazy tourists. A three-hour San Francisco City Segway Tour costs from £43 per person. Tours are also available in other cities including Paris, Amsterdam, Washington D.C and Singapore. 

Mod it up all way from London to Morocco on a classic Vespa PX125. Spinout is launching its new Vespa tours programme in April with the 'Fezpa Run' - an eight-day, two continent adventure complete with treasure hunt - the victor wins a brand new Vespa. The trip costs £795, including eight days Vespa rental, two nights' accommodation and itinerary. 

Skiing and snowboarding are all very well, but if you're the kind of person who likes to walk, rather than run, the ancient activity of snowshoeing could be your style of mountain transport. After a day of walking in the High Pyrenean mountains around Ax les Thermes, rest your aching limbs in the hamams, saunas and outdoor hot tubs of the town's Les Bains de Couloubret spa. A four-night Snowshoe and Spa minibreak costs £470 per person, including accommodation, transfers, guides, spa access and meals. Visit

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