How to stop travel sickness

woman experiencing motion...
woman experiencing motion...

Plenty of people suffer from seasickness and motion sickness - and it's not a simple one to cure.

Champagne and brandy were once thought to be cures for sea sickness - in fact, it was such a wide-spread falsehood that in 1910 this information was published in The Scientific American Handbook of Travel.

As refreshing as a glass of bubbly may be, it isn't going to settle your stomach if you face stormy seas or a windy road (and in fact, studies show alcohol of any type can make motion sickness worse).

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Want to cure motion sickness fast? Stop moving!

But obviously it's not usually as simple as that. While pulling over may be easy when in a car what should you do on a boat or in public transport?

Riding in the front passenger seat of the car is a top tip as it can help being able to see the road ahead.

By eating some before a trip, some studies show ginger can work as a motion sickness preventative.

Eating small, low fat meals before getting on the road is best. Fat takes more energy to digest and can cause nausea.

If you've got time to take a nap, there are always over the counter remedies.