Ford driver spins out on motorway and has a lucky escape

A driver and his passenger escaped serious injury after spinning in a Ford Fiesta on the M4 motorway near Cardiff and almost colliding with a following car.

The incident was caught on dashcam, and shows the silver Fiesta driving past the camera car before speeding off down the road.
When the vehicle begins to overtake a white van at speed, it loses control when trying to move into the outside lane, hitting the van's trailer and begins to spin.

The car slides across the outside lane and hits the central reservation, before the driver put the brakes on to stop as soon as possible.

After watching the whole incident unfold, the driver of the camera car stopped to help those inside the Fiesta and almost ran into the back of the stricken vehicle.

Neither the driver or passenger appeared to be hurt after the incident, despite the Fiesta suffering considerable damage on the front portion as a result of the crash.

Written by Jack Healy
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