Woman withdraws £50 from ATM, gets £300

Rosie Vare
Women withdraws $60, gets $380
Women withdraws $60, gets $380

Having an ATM spit out extra cash is kind of a dream come true.

In fact, while pushing your coveted PIN, you're probably already thinking about where you'd spend the money.

But when it happened to one women, she did the opposite! According to the Delaware County Daily Times, when Kristina Edwards went to withdraw $60 (£49) from the cash machine, $380 (£308) came out instead!

She was on her way to go grocery shopping and tells the publication the machine 'literally started spitting twenties out!'

When she checked her bank statement, she saw the money didn't come out of her account.

Rather than plan a mini-holiday or her next shopping splurge, she sought out the cash's rightful owner.

The registered nurse went to the bank's branch, told them her story, and she says they took it without so much as a 'thank you.'

Edwards tells local media she left the bank a little deflated saying, "I'm a single mother of two, $380 is a lot. I was concerned about the person who [was] losing it."

She hopes the money will end up in the right person's hands. If not, she might want to think about joining us horrible folks and just spending the cash.