Hungry turtle bites man on his penis

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Man bitten on groin by hungry turtle
Man bitten on groin by hungry turtle

A video has emerged of a turtle biting a man's penis - and refusing to let go.

The painful looking incident was caught on camera as the Chinese man walked along a street.

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Carrying the turtle, the animal's head dangled dangerously close to the man's groin area.

The turtle then appeared to latch on to his penis through the man's pants.

It was enough to make any grown man break into a sweat. In the video, the man stops and tries to loosen the turtle's grip.

Another man nearby sounds as if he is yelling - or maybe laughing - as the turtle refuses to let go.

Tiny baby sea turtles get a VIP escort to the ocean every year - from the Colombian Navy.

The turtle is a Chinese softshell turtle, according to the Daily Mail.

The species is eaten in soup and is considered a delicacy in Asia.