Thieves steal police car and lead officers on 200-mile chase

Thieves break into police station and take cop car on 200 mile chase - D&C police car stolen during a burglary to a police Stn. Veh Pursued by Wilts Triforce RPU. Veh stung at Jnc 7 M4. 2 arrested - taken from @Tri_Force

Police were forced to pursue one of their own squad cars on Friday after thieves stole keys from a police station.

The incident began at Camelford police station in Cornwall. The keys to a police car were left 'lying around the station', and the thieves seized the opportunity to take a squad car.
Police pursued the stolen car for 200 miles before a 'stinger' device was used to burst its tyres just outside Slough.

A police spokesman said "The car was spotted on the M4 heading east.

"Officers used a stinger device to bring the car to a stop near junction 7 and arrest the occupants.

"A 23-year-old male and a 31-year-old female, both from Camelford, were arrested at the scene.

"They are now being held at Newquay police station on suspicion of burglary, theft and dangerous driving."

Police shared information about the pursuit and uploaded a photo of the damaged Ford Focus.

The front of the vehicle had suffered heavy damage after apparently being crashed during the pursuit.

Devon and Cornwall Police says it is now 'reviewing security' following the incident, after admitting officers simply left the keys out in plain view.

It says the review is necessary as it has already reminded people not to leave the keys in hallways or on kitchen tables where thieves can get to them.
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