Naked man filmed dancing on police car near Bristol

A man has been filmed dancing and performing yoga on a police car – while totally naked.

The bizarre incident was captured on film by a passer-by in St Agnes, near Bristol in August, but the video has only just come to light.
A naked man with impressive facial hair can be seen dancing on top of a police car as two officers look on bemused.

The man then sits down and appears to perform some yoga moves atop the Ford Focus.

The two officers, probably not wanting to touch the man, allow him to continue before one says: "You have got to appreciate you are naked in public, and people don't want to see it.

"Do you want to get arrested for indecent exposure?"

The man eventually succumbs to the officers' protests and climbs down from the car, before being ushered into the rear seats. It is unknown if he was arrested.

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