Bus driver accused over deliberately squeezing cyclist off the road

Footage has emerged showing the moment a cyclist had to take avoiding action as a bus nearly pushed her off the road.

In video recorded by a camera mounted to a fellow cyclist's helmet, the victim can be seen pulling alongside the bus at a red light.

When it turns green, the pair start to pull away, but the bus driver doesn't leave enough space for the rider.

As the side of the bus closes in on her handlebars, the cyclist is forced to jump off as the rider with the camera shouts 'Hey!'.

The bus stops for a moment as the woman gestures to the driver, but it quickly moves off again.

Later in the video the woman catches up with the bus and remonstrates with the driver once more. When asked if she is okay she says: "Yeah, he definitely saw me."

Transport for London is investigating the incident, which took place in Elephant and Castle, London.

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