Three steak myths debunked

Grilled steak, French fries and vegetables

We all know that searing steak seals in the precious tasty juices, right? Wrong.

And that the tastiest steaks have lovely cross-cross char-grill lines on them? Nope.

Whatever your preferred cut of steak, you'll get a lot more flavour from it using these expert tips.

Watch the video and find out how the all-important Maillard reaction gives browned food its desirable flavour. And what the red liquid that comes of a cooked steak really is.

Fancy a steak tonight?
Garlic thyme rump steak with smoky tomato relish (takes 15 mins)
Tom Kerridge's fillet steak with triple cooked fries
Michael Caines's sirloin steak with handcooked fries
Gordon Ramsay's perfect steak sandwich
Asian bites: Thai beef salad

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